NCHU-TTI Master Dual Degree Program Conferring Ceremony 2011/08/08

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President Sakaki Hiroyuki, Professor Yoshimura Masamichi, of Toyota Technological Institute, and our Colleagues of NCHU, Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf ofNationalChungHsingUniversity, I’d like to welcome President Sakaki and Prof. Yoshimura to come all the way fromNagoya,JapantoTaichung,Taiwanto attend the Master Conferring Ceremony of our first graduates of the Master Dual Degree Program.

I understand that although the international cooperation between TTI and NCHU was established back in 2005, the Master Dual Degree Program between the Dept. of Advanced Science and Technology (AST) of TTI and the Dept. of Electrical Engineering (EE)/Dept. of Material Science and Engineering of NCHU, was signed only in 2008.  Since then three of our graduate students in EE, Ming-Yi Huang(黃名毅), Chien Ting Li(李乾鼎), and Shi-Jia Pei(裴希佳), entered into this Master DDP in 2009 and 2010 respectively. They have taken required credits of courses at NCHU, fulfilled the requirement of the Mater DDP by staying at TTI for two semesters, and then returned to NCHU to finish their Mater’s theses. A few days ago, they passed the oral examination for the Master’s degree. With your presence, President Sakaki and I, will today jointly confer upon them the NCHU-TTI Master Dual Degree.  Congratulations! Or Omedetou gozaimasu in Japanese! We are proud of you, because you are the FIRST ones who have acquired this Master Dual Degree from both TTI and NCHU!

With this achievement TTI and NCHU have made substantial progress in terms of international collaboration. As many other universities in Taiwan, we at NCHU, have signed quite a few ‘international cooperation agreements’. But only a few Dual Degree Programs were established, and even fewer which have students who have successfully completed the degree program.  I am very pleased to say that ‘We, at TTI and NCHU, have jointly made it!’  And this shall serve as a good model for others to follow.

I would very much like to see students from TTI to come to NCHU, in the near future under this Master DDP in particular or the student exchange program in general, and allow us to reciprocate in return. Let your students experience our culture and university environment, so we can go toNagoyato attend a conferring ceremony like this at TTI!

In addition to the Master DDP, we would also hope to further strengthen the collaboration between TTI and NCHU in all aspects possible so that more channels are made available of cultivating young talents with global perspectives. I would like to add that we are very pleased to be ONE of the three universities in Asia, and the ONLY university in Taiwan to have signed the international cooperation agreement with TTI.

Finally I’d like to thank again President Sakaki and Prof. Yoshimura for your time and effort to come to Taiwanfor this historical event. Now that we have planted THREE seeds to blossom, marking a very good beginning, let us plant many more seeds, and may this collaboration flourish even more in the future.  Thank you very much for your attendance.

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